To My Shoppers

I cannot begin to thank you all enough for supporting 2HOTT since its' existence in the virtual world of Second Life. I value your support and loyalty. Because I am interested in your thoughts, concerns, comments, and suggestions, I have created this blogger to find out what you guys like, dislike, and wish to see in 2HOTT. Please feel free to leave your honest comments as they are welcomed. I will also use this blog to give you all sneak previews of outfits before they arrive in world. Again, thanks for the continuous support, ~Desi~

Monday, October 22, 2007


Come check out the sexy but scandalous look of the newly released RIPPED N CHAINS SET. As yall know I love to release whole sets. You will never enter 2HOTT and find tops and bottoms that have nothing to match them. In 2HOTT, alli and I work together to produce ensembles that include tops, boot-cut pants, flares, and flex prim skirts. Plus matching shoes and boots! u can purchaseThat is exactly what the ripped n chains include. That way u can acheive your entire look with one purchase. New let me show you the new set.

Buy buying the whole bundle pack you get to save lindens! Ok yall im going to work on new sets now. I am going to start on some couples wear that I know you guys love.


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Desi's New Look

For those of yall who know me, have seen me as a blonde in second life forever! Well I have not totally given up my blond hair just yet, but I am definitely rocking the sexy, sultry look of the jet black hair these days. My family loves my black hair and Demon said he loves my look either way. What do you think? let me know after you check out this photo taken and edited by TouchaHoney Perhaps of Intimate I Studio.



Monday, October 1, 2007


Customers 2HOTT Apparel along with Purrfexion Shoes have moved to a new location and we have released a new outfit as well. Do come and check us out at Isle of Tempation 37, 84, 23. Slurl is

Please come visit us and get your new landmarks!

Now for a picture of the new FRESH DENIM SET. The outfit comes in four colors and it is offered for sale as a bundle pacl for less lindens. The matching boots are also sold at 2HOTT Apparel.

These outfits are also available on sl exchange at

See you all in Second Life,


Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Hey everyone, I am coming at you again with a new 2HOTT arrival. Initially, I admit that I did struggle with naming this ensemble. Alli and I sat in the office brainstorming, and when I showed her the first outfit she came up with the name Candygirl and I liked it right away. The Candygirl includes a halter top, hot pants for the clubbers, boot-cut jeans which show off the tall boots very well, flared pants for the ankle boot portion, and a flexi-prim skirt that can be worn with the tall boots or the ankle boots. This ladies comes in 6 COLORS for you to choose from. My favorites are



Now my sisters tell me they cant choose which colors they like best lol so I'll show them all

Last but not least, the versatile candygirl boots can be worn as tall knee high boots or as ankle boots be detaching the top part of the boot to wear with your flared pants. LADIES! these are a must have to match with the entire outfit. The model is wearing Winsome II Hair by Naughty Designs and jewels by Blang

Ok shoppers I luv u guys, but I am off to make the next design. So be sure to keep checking back for updates.


Friday, April 27, 2007

~Sneak Preview~ of COACH SET

I have been really busy with real life school studies and lately I have been stuck in photoshop to bring Coach to 2HOTT customers by request. The ensemble will definitely appeal to all club hoppers as the outfit no matter how it is worn will tell others, WAIT A MINUTE! I JUST STEPPED IN AND IM HOTT! So if you desire to capture the crowd's attention, then you have to have the Coach Set. Let me start buy showing you my favorite colors as it does come in 5 colors to fit everyone's tastes.

Coach Pink

Coach Charcoal

Now that you have peeped my favorites, I'll show you the entire color pack so that you can choose your very own favorite colors

As you can see from the photo, the ensemble includes a coach jacket, a shirt that is optional to wear under the jacket, boot-cut leather pants to wear with the so fly knee high boots, flared pants to wear with just the ankle boots, and a flexi prim skirt which can be work with ankle boots of the tall boots. To go with the very hip and stylish Coach set, I have modeled it with Honeychild in black by Eco Brocco of THE SHOP. As you can see, the model is rocking a matching Coach bag in each color by Diamond Cianci of S&S Handbags available in 2HOTT Mainstore @Euphoria Island. I finished the look off with Heart jewelry by Zelly Zodaq of BLANG @ South I. You now know all the secrets, so there is no reason why you cannot turn heads too.

Alli Alli Alli, it never fails, you did it again with the boots girl. I dont even have to tell you guys about these boots whcih can be worn as tall knee high boots are as ankle boots like I did in the photos. WAIT A MINUTE! let me just show you

And Yes, they do bling. Get them ladies and strut your stuff. Boots are available by purrfexion shoes located in 2HOTT Mainstore @Euphoria Island.

Ok as you arlead know, I love you all, but I have to go only for now. Remember to check out the 2HOTT Mainstore as the Coach Set, Boots, and handbags will be released tonite!

Bye for now,


Friday, April 13, 2007


Hey guys, I have been working hard on the newly released Microsuede Buckled Set. Some 2HOTT customers have already rushed and gotten this outfit including even the bundle pack, so I am proud of this design really. Its a new type of funky edgy style for 2HOTT. The outfit is available in 5 colors to capture everyone's preferences.

Although, the set is funky and edgy, it still has sex appeal with a great portion of the top being sheer. To give the outfit just a little extra pizazz, I chose to model it with "Edgy", the black shade by Gurl6. Matching Suede & Buckled boots are by Purrfexion shoes located in 2HOTT's Mainstore location on Euphoria Island so do pick them up along with the outfit.

Also today, I am featuring a customers pic that beat everyone to the punch and wore the red version as soon as the outfit was released. Customer featured is Candee Starbrook

Isn't She Lovely?

Ok everyone I need to get back to work on a new creation, please leave your comments for me, and I will see you all in the virtual world.



Monday, April 9, 2007

!My Customers are so darn HOTT!

Many times my loyal 2HOTT customers send me pics of them in my clothing that I often hand up in my office. Those pictures remind me of why I actually design because it does me good to see my designs on people and their reactions when they are pleased. Today. I have decided to do customer tributes and display some of the pictures they have sent to me. Its ok to view my modeling pics, but seeing the clothing on others is a nice touch too i think. I will only display 3 today.

Damaged Denim in Tangerine Modeled by customer Moet Asturias

Moet has a superb shape for that set, so she definitely wears it well. The set includes the jacket, colorable bra, and shorts Moet is wearing plus denim flares, and denim capris. The set Also comes in the tangerine shown above, indigo, pink, and red. I will now show you the complete sets.





The set that is is for those days when u dont want to really dress down, but at the same time you dont want to be too dolled up, yet still sexy. The outfit is modeled with Coy hair by ETD as well as color scripted wrapped heels by AFK Designs. I think the outfit is fun when you color the hair to match. When the pink damaged set was featured on the SL Fashionista paged entitled "Fergie" fegirlicious, I noticed the author decided to also wear pink hair to match.

Next we will feature a couple wearing the matching male and female Tommy set.

Tommy modeled by customer couple Scarface Corleone and Launa Valeena

This couple looked so hott together in this outfit that they won a twin/couples macthing contest at The Metropolitan Club at Uptown Square our of a dozen other couples dressed alike. They were so excited, but since the beginning of the event, the two said "we will win this"! This is sureley a matching set coulples and twins can feel confortable about wearing and being noticed. Below are the store modeled pictures



The female "Sweet" hair is by The Shop designed by Eco Brocco in honeyblonde shade. Jewels by J-Balla Inc, and female skin by Celestian Studios.

Thats all for now folks, I am going to my rl bed. I will try to model my new design so I can show yall a sneak peak tomorrow.